New DobiMigrate Release Adds S3-to-S3 Object Migration Support

Every day lost in a migration to your customer’s new storage is a day of money down the drain. DobiMigrate’s powerful functionality enables them to move between storage platforms faster than any other solution to make sure they are getting to the promised ROI.

Datadobi, the global leader in unstructured data migration software, announced DobiMigrate® 5.9 with added support for S3-to-S3 object migrations. The addition of S3-to-S3 object migrations offers the most flexible and comprehensive software suite for migration of unstructured data. Your customers can move data in any direction between on-prem systems of different vendors, cloud storage services, or a mixture of both. All objects and their metadata are synchronized from the source buckets to the target buckets.

DobiMigrate brings automation, advanced engineering, and embedded intelligence to revolutionize your customers’ file and object migrations.

DobiMigrate can be up and running within an hour through easy-to-use installers and virtual appliances.

DobiMigrate performs checksum on every single file that is migrated and provides down-to-the-file-level chain of custody reporting.

DobiMigrate extracts the metadata from your storage platform and gives you powerful insights to help you intelligently
plan your project.

DobiMigrate’s HTML5 graphical user interface enables your customers to set up and manage multiple migrations quickly and easily. Monitor progress in real time or remotely through detailed email reports.

DobiMigrate allows your customers to run the migration project transparently and non-intrusively to ongoing business operations. Multi-threading and schedulable throttling lets your customers speed up when they can and slow down whenever their business needs demand.

DobiMigrate’s proven speed, flexible planning, and dry run simulations help your customers to optimize the planning and cutover of users and applications to the new storage system faster.

DobiMigrate helps your customers plan and execute your cutover windows for a smooth transfer of users and applications to their new storage platform. It allows your customers to deal with last-minute schedule changes swiftly and nondisruptively.

DobiMigrate’s distributed model and advanced throttling and scheduling allows your customers to manage migrations of any size while optimizing performance.

The ability to move unstructured data whenever needed allows your customers to continuously optimize their storage deployments and data layout. This keeps data on the optimal accessible medium needed at any moment, enables users to decommission aging hardware, and offers the freedom to reconsider which data belongs on premises and which data better lives in cloud services. Looking to learn more? Click here!

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