New Opportunities to Climb with Micro Focus

Climb to the top with your Micro Focus sales! From now until October 31st, partners with qualified leads for a new opportunities to Micro Focus, will receive an Amazon gift cards.

Plus, for any qualified opportunity that CLOSES from now until October 31st, 2020 will get you entered into a drawing to win a choice of one of the below grand prize packages.

Get Started!  Register HERE now!

Backyard Barbeque Package: Big green egg, $100 Omaha Steaks Gift Card, Solo Stove BonFire, Outdoor Projector, Outdoor Projector Screen

Apple Technology Package: Homepod, Apple Watch, Airpods, iPad Pro

Work From Home Package: Standing Desk, Dual Monitor Arm, Power Hub, Wireless Headset, Wireless Keyboard/Mouse, $500 Amazon Gift Card

*Terms and Conditions apply.
*Partners MUST register their company information with Climb through link above to be eligible.

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