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When it comes to SaaS applications, your customers most likely operate under a common misconception. Only 29 percent of small and midsize enterprises backup their SaaS data via a third party application. They believe that they have backup and recovery with their SaaS provider, but there are significant limitations on what is typically provided.

How SaaS Data Loss Happens

Human error:

Data may get inadvertently deleted that should have been kept. Once it’s gone, it’s gone in these cases, unless there’s a third-party backup solution in place.

Malicious insiders:

In Ponemon’s “Cost of Cybercrime Study,” malware and malicious-insider cyberattacks accounted for one-third of the cybercrime costs in 2018 amounting to $13 million. Disgruntled employees can delete data to spite their employers or for personal gain.

Malware and cyberattacks:

According to the 2019 Ponemon Institute’s Cost of Data Breach Report, 51% of breaches were caused by malicious attacks. Of course, a data breach may be different from a data loss involving your customer’s SaaS application data. But the statistic illustrates the relative frequency of malicious attacks that could impact their SaaS data.

Data loss by human error, malicious insider action, or cyberattack can be extremely detrimental to an organization’s business continuity. Having a cost-effective backup and recovery solution that enables your customers to back up all of their SaaS data is an important consideration for their business.

Enhanced SaaS Data Protection

With a ‘set it and forget it’ design approach, Spanning Backup for Office 365 lets your customers easily and quickly recover lost Office 365 emails, calendars, OneDrive for Business, and SharePoint files in minutes. Unlimited retention in the cloud means your customer’s data will be there when they need it, no matter how much time has passed between when users deleted data and when they realize they need it back.

Pricing is simple with per user, per year licensing, with unlimited retention included, automated protection and on-demand recovery. Try Spanning Backup for Office 365 today!

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