[Webinar] Composable Supercomputing for HPC Workloads

Modern scientific research and big data questions require a high-performance computing (HPC) system horsepower for answers. While recent advances in microprocessor, GPU, and ultra-low latency networking technologies continue to increase HPC performance, it’s largely designed for specific workloads.  

This monolithic approach makes it difficult to repurpose as new projects materialize. Luckily, Liqid allows your customers to move resources back into pools, ready to be redeployed for future workloads. The composable infrastructure from Liqid helps organizations accelerate time-to-value, improve IT agility and increase resource utilization of their HPC environments.

Join Aaron Melin, Senior Director of Engineering & George Wagner, Director of Product Marketing, June 25 2:00 PM EST at Liqid to learn how some of the most prestigious research laboratories in the world deliver smarter HPC infrastructure.

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