Why Should Your Customers Move to a Composable Infrastructure Solution?

Today’s data center “status quo” architecture cannot keep up with the ever-changing technology and business landscape. Liqid’s composable infrastructure platform meets the challenges associated with static IT infrastructure head on by offering powerful improvements in data performance, architectural optimization, hardware disaggregation, and footprint efficiency. Liqid solutions enable your customers to build data centers with agility and scalability at the fore front. The Liqid approach affects not only providers but, more importantly, businesses of all sizes who rely on their services.

Liqid’s software disaggregates the server components in your customer’s datacenter—CPU, GPU, FPGA, NVMe, Intel® Optane™ memory technology, and NICs—and places them into resource pools. Liqid’s intuitive GUI, REST API, or CLI enables them to create servers in seconds from those resource pools to deploy applications on-demand.

There’s no need to physically reconfigure servers, manually add additional devices, or overprovision expensive hardware to support heavy workloads. Just connect, click, and compose a bare-metal server on-the-fly!

Benefits of Liqid Composable Infrastructure

Improved Infrastructure Utilization – Better hardware resources and software license utilization improving TCO

Agile & Simple Deployment of Infrastructure – Dynamic deployment of infrastructure for targeted applications

Extended Product Lifecycle – Expand capabilities of existing infrastructure

Independent Scaling of Resources – Powered by hardware disaggregation

No Vendor or Technology Lock – Hardware agnostic and software agnostic platform

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