Equip Your Customers With The Best When Facing Remote Work Challenges

Many company’s IT budgets have shifted from infrastructure to equipping remote workers with monitors, headsets, printers, etc. However, to go that last mile in fully equipping remote workers, there’s a real need for an external hard drive device that’s purpose-built for business continuity.

With over 5 million sold in 90+ countries, the Overland Tandberg RDX® QuikStor® has become recognized as d standard in industrial grade removable disk storage devices by:

Succeeding where Laptops fail

  • RDX bare metal restore can re-image a new laptop and restore data faster than the cloud
  • A shock-proof, ruggedized, disk media design means accidental drops are worry free
  • Ideal for field use such as scientific or medical data collection, or video recording

Offering more remote Cyber Security

  • RDX one-touch Air Gap disconnects critical business data from the network
  • Defend against virus and ransomware attacks with RDX RansomBlock
  • 8-layer password protection

Improving productivity for bandwidth-intense cloud apps.

  • Use RDX, with any backup software, to schedule upload of large files with low bandwidth traffic
  • Store the largest files with blistering speed, on disk cartridge options that scale to 5TB
  • The RDX drive swaps cartridges with push button ease

Since 1980, Overland Tandberg has built “best in class” data storage and archive solutions that equip organizations, of all sizes, to securely manage and protect their digital.

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