Breaking Out: Composable Infrastructure Could Underpin Digital Transformation


Companies are deploying new innovations to system infrastructure to eliminate the rigid, hardware-bound silos that have held digital transformation strategies hostage.

Join John Abbott, systems infrastructure analyst at 451 Research LLC, a unit of S&P Global Market Intelligence, and Liqid CEO & Co-founder Sumit Puri, for a discussion about how composable disaggregated infrastructure (CDI) solutions are being utilized to address the demanding data requirements of evolving high-value applications in AI+ML, 5G/edge computing, HPC, and more. Learn how CDI delivers flexible and comprehensive disaggregation. Composable software enables data center devices to be pooled and shared over PCIe for maximum stack performance, and over Ethernet for high-performance NVMe- and GPU-oF data operations.

Use cases include government, academic, telecommunications, and other high-value applications. Find out how composable infrastructure solutions free resources once limited by physical architectures, and facilitate business processes and customer experiences that address changing market requirements.

Join Liqid on Thursday, July 9 at 2PM EST for this webinar. Save your seat!

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