How TeamViewer Pilot Will Reshape the Future of Work

The work-from-home trend, due to the abrupt onset of COVID-19, has changed the nature of business for many of your customers overnight.

Adapting to the work-from-home trend

According to a University of Chicago study, 34 percent of the jobs held in America are now capable of being done from home. And experience so far has shown remarkably good results, leading many companies to see working from home becoming a permanent feature of their work environment.

TeamViewer Pilot enhances your customer’s remote support with augmented reality

One particularly promising form of this new remote work environment involves augmented reality. Using widely available devices such as smartphones and tablets, an expert technician in one location can be connected with a customer needing detailed guidance (for a repair, installation, or troubleshooting of a machine) from another location. A virtual meeting, with real-time images augmented by data and diagrams, allows the expert to respond immediately to the individuals on-site, guiding them through to a solution.

Key benefits of TeamViewer Pilot

Save Money: Your customers do not need to hop on a plane or take a road trip to fix technical IT issues. Lower travel costs effectively by replacing on-site visits with remote support sessions by service technicians and customers.

Solve Problems Efficiently: Act immediately when downtime or errors occur. Your customers can enable their service technicians to get direct support from experts via audio and interactive video.

Improve Processes: Transfer knowledge for technical repairs and maintenance or provide approval for inspections as if your customers were on-site.

Maintain Security: Within TeamViewer’s secure global network, all remote connections are secured end to end with RSA public/private key exchange and AES (256-bit) session encryption.

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