Entrust Datacard Transforms Enterprise Authentication

Entrust is a global security solutions provider that specializes in trusted identity and secure transaction technologies. Their solutions range from physical financial cards, passports and ID cards to digital cloud-based security authentication.

Their IntelliTrust solution is a cloud-based multi-factor authentication solution built for the enterprise. It is the preferred cloud-based authentication platform for large enterprises with high assurance use cases including enterprise workforce and consumer/citizen facing organizations.

Entrust Datacard also offers Passwordless Authentication for a more secure and productive workforce with the highest level of security. Using Quantum-safe high assurance identity credentials and continuous authentication to ensure your customer’s workplace security. This means your customers will get:

  • Complete freedom from usernames and passwords in the workplace
  • Integration with behavioral biometrics
  • Single sign-on to all applications – cloud and on premises
  • Easy on-boarding with auto PKI setup

Passwordless Authentication is an enterprise workforce solution that secures an organization’s assets and improves worker productivity. With IntelliTrust, there is no software to deploy, and powerful workflow engines help automate tasks, allowing your customers to provide secure, frictionless access to their users.

To learn more about Entrust Datacard, consult with our cybersecurity experts and book a Discovery Call!


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