GFI Software Q3 2020 Promotions

GFI Software announced their promotions for Q3 2020. Act now, and take advantage of these great offers!!

  • Competitive Price Match: Prospects currently using a competitive product can buy 1-year of a GFI product subscription at a discounted rate, matching their competitors’ price to a maximum of 40% discount of the GFI New Business list price. This promotion does apply to Symantec/Blue Coat PacketShaper migrations to Exinda Network Orchestrator.
  • Get your Kerio Control and enjoy limitless usage. Customers buying Kerio NG100W or NG300W, will receive a discount of up to 10% on any New Business Purchase, between July 1 and September 30, 2020. This promotion applies only for hardware appliance purchases, software licenses are not included. When placing orders, please use this promotion code: KerioHWQ320-10. This is a limited time offer, dependent on the stock limit.
  • Amnesty Renewal Promo. Customers whose Service Maintenance Agreement (SMA) or Subscription expired, can reactivate it by purchasing a net new subscription at the past license price + 5% (without exceeding 50% off list overall discount). This promotion excludes Hardware or Extensions purchases.
  • Welcome to GFI Software. Resellers (either dormant for the past year or new) placing their first new Business order (of more than 50 seats) will receive a 30% discount. Discount applies only for 1-year subscriptions and Extensions or 3rd party products are excluded.

For more information, reach out to your Climb rep.

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