Get the Full Picture with Trend Micro – Detect More Threats Earlier and with Confidence

With today’s shifting security landscape, your customers are feeling the need for reliable and effective cyber security solutions now more than ever.

Trend Micro is a leader in hybrid cloud, endpoint, and network security solutions. They secure organizations by safeguarding critical business information across physical, virtual, and cloud-based environments. They have a suite of solutions that provide hybrid cloud security, network defense and user protection.

Trend Micro XDR powered by XGen Security

Trend Micro XDR goes beyond the endpoint to provide your customers’ organization with complete detection, investigation and response across email, endpoint, servers, cloud workloads, and network. It can help organizations overcome poor visibility due to silos, overloaded security teams and threat overload – all on a single platform.

Offer cybersecurity solutions to your customers with a complete endpoint security suite as well as flexible deployment in a variety of enterprise environments either on-premises or through a managed SaaS offering.

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