[Webinar] What is Intelligent Infrastructure?

Virtualization dramatically advanced data center architectures at the turn of the century. Cloud did the same in the teens. Intelligent Infrastructure is the trend to watch in the 20s, but what is it?

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Like the trends before it, Intelligent Infrastructure is a category, a technology with differentiated capabilities, and an architecture for new business agility in IT. Expert human capital remains scarce while demands on infrastructure accelerate, so speeds and feeds alone are no longer a viable solution. What is needed is a dramatic advancement in native machine learning and automation so that the infrastructure itself can help overcome this resource gap. Imagine what new value IT experts could deliver if up to 95% of their administrative tasks were eliminated.

In this webcast, experts from different perspectives share their definitions and experiences. More than merely discussing what it is, this webcast will include examples of how Intelligent Infrastructure can be used today, what it does differently than standard infrastructure, and why it warrants consideration through real-world examples. This webcast features Gartner VP of Research Phil Dawson, Tintri Field CTO Erwin Daria, and a happy customer.

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