Stay Secure with a Portfolio of Protection From VIPRE

VIPRE Security, an established industry leader with over 25 years of experience, keeps businesses safe with a PORTFOLIO OF PROTECTION.

An early innovator in antivirus solutions, our award-winning security leads the market in number of detections and fewest false positives. Our sandbox delivers powerful malware analysis with more than 1M unique samples processed daily, and more than 1PB of collected samples, protecting over 6M endpoints and 14.5M mailboxes.

Choose from our portfolio of protection:

ENDPOINT PROTECTION – Powerful endpoint security delivering protection against today’s most sophisticated online threats with DNS Protection and Web Access Control.

  • Endpoint Cloud – protects at the file, application and network layer
  • Site Manager – purpose built for MSPs for management across multiple customer sites

EMAIL PROTECTION – Secure the #1 attack vector from malware and phishing with unparalleled protection from advanced email threats delivered from the convenience of a cloud-based architecture.

  • Email Cloud – a multi-layered security solution with continuous email availability in one platform
  • Advanced Threat Protection – email cloud package with attachment sandboxing and phishing protection
  • Add-on Solutions – attachment sandboxing, phishing protection, encryption, and archiving

USER & DATA PROTECTION – Protect users, their actions and sensitive business information from costly attacks and data breaches.

  • Security Awareness Training – an easy to use, cloud-based learning solution to build a cyber-secure workforce
  • SafeSend – a Microsoft Outlook add-in used to prevent misaddressed email or inadvertent autocomplete email mistakes

At VIPRE, we’re passionate about our partners and cybersecurity. Partner with us and join our fight against cyber criminals. Your clients are relying on you. Strengthen your stack with VIPRE Security!

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VIPRE: Virus Intrusion Protection Remediation Engine


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