Achieve Consistent Speed and Quality in Application Development with Micro Focus

Strategic application development is key to how businesses compete in a digital economy.  Demand for faster software-based innovation continues to grow at an exponential pace – putting profound pressure on application delivery teams. 

Micro Focus Application Delivery Management (ADM) solutions support integration, automation and collaboration, enabling organizations to achieve consistent speed and quality in application development. 

Agile and DevOps Management 

Scale Enterprise Agile transformations from planning to a progression supporting full DevOps demands while creating a “quality everywhere” culture. 

Functional Testing 

Accelerate test automation by combining broad technology support to AI-driven capabilities across web, mobile, and enterprise applications. 

Performance Engineering 

Deliver high-performing applications using an integrated set of solutions, spanning developers to performance engineers, incorporating intelligent analytics, and supporting extensive integrations. 

Project & Portfolio Management 

Drive business value through comprehensive portfolio optimization and management that ensures projects are on time, in budget and satisfy goals. 

Quality and Test Management 

Improve application quality and gain real-time insights into the health and risks associated with every release. 

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