InstallShield and InstallAnywhere with Revenera (a NEW division of Flexera!)

What’s that saying, “Don’t let the grass grow under your feet?” Revenera* sure isn’t a “wait and see” company. Identify the need. Create a solution. Their 2020 releases of InstallShield and InstallAnywhere prove just that point.

InstallShield—the market-leading Windows Installer software—fully supports Microsoft’s packaging format—MSIX—and specifically adds functionality that makes the creation, conversion and modification of MSIX packages extremely easy for software suppliers, helping to take products to market quickly and efficiently.

Microsoft’s MSIX enables cleaner installations and uninstalls by running applications in their own containers. InstallShield helps developers build and convert MSIX packages in a matter of seconds. In the most recent releases Revenera added even more ease of use. For example, developers can now build modification packages for any given MSIX package or leverage the support for MSIX Core to create a single suite installer targeting MSIX for different Windows platforms. In addition, InstallShield 2020 adds the ability to build pure 64bit launchers for MSI and Suite installers and supports CloudHSM certificates for digital signing in AWS build environments.

Users can now build MSIX Bundles using a new utility to bundle architecture specific packages either for direct distribution or to upload to the Microsoft Store. Additionally, they can also build MSIX packages including services. Convert existing Basic MSI projects with services easily into MSIX Packages or create MSIX Projects from scratch using MSIX Project.

It doesn’t stop there.

Apple introduced Application Notarization. Notarization is meant to instill more confidence in end users running your binaries, ensuring that the software is free from any kind of malicious content. Rather than just relying on vendors code signing applications, Apple has taken it upon themselves to conduct these checks for customers and ensure that the software is malware free. Essentially, all the binaries are uploaded to Apple’s servers for stringent checks and developers receive a token on the status of the notarization. With 2020 enhancements to Revenera’s InstallAnywhere solution, users can fully automate code signing, hardening and notarization of installers.

It’s been a busy year for the Revenera Software Installation product development team, and it’s not over yet.

Innovation, improved flexibility, and better efficiency…all leading to an increase in value-producing productivity. The result? Faster time to market for your customer.

Learn more about InstallShield 2020 and InstallAnywhere 2020.

*Revenera – a new division of Flexera – helps product executives build better products, accelerate their time to market and monetize what matters. Revenera’s leading solutions help software and technology companies drive top line revenue with modern software monetization, understand usage and compliance with software usage analytics, empower the use of open source with software composition analysis and deliver an excellent user experience—for embedded, on-premises, cloud and SaaS products.

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