Modern Managed Detection and Response Services for Customers of all Sizes

Security continues to increase in risk and importance for businesses globally. With attacks growing more sophisticated and resistant to traditional prevention methods, your customers must align their security strategy and resources towards quickly and effectively identifying breaches and rapidly responding. Bitdefender’s Managed Detection and Response services are delivered by combining industry-leading cybersecurity for endpoints, plus network and security analytics, with threat-hunting expertise.

How does Bitdefender Managed Detection and Response (MDR) Service help your customers?

  • On-Demand SOC Staff: Bitdefender gives your customers a fully staffed operations center that efficiently scales with customer growth. Staff is also tasked with ensuring that security analysts have the technology and training necessary for the customer environments they support.
  • Highly Skilled Security Analysts: Recruited from global intelligence agencies, these security analysts perform ongoing threat hunting and threat modeling.
  • Advanced Attack Detection: Security analysts perform threat intelligence research and hunting missions based on customer-specific threat profiles 24/7/365.
  • Improve Detection and Rapid Response Times: Real-time telemetry and alerts are correlated across multiple data streams while response actions are tailored to each customer for effective incident response to limit business impact from a security incident.
  • Reduced Operational Burden: Bitdefender MDR service manages the security technology on your customers’ behalf so they can focus on more strategic initiatives.

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