VIOLIN QV2020 and the benefits for Managed Service IT Providers

If you are a MSP provider, your customers are looking to you for solutions, especially those of cost savings. VIOLIN’s product portfolio contains high-performance network and tuned SAN platforms, allow clients to build compact high-performance compute pods that rivals much larger and more expensive solutions from years past. VIOLIN’s NVMe All-Flash SAN solution is a cornerstone element in the emerging architecture of high-performance business critical applications. Here are quick facts to back up VIOLIN’s products:

See below for Recent Case Study Results where VIOLIN’s QV2020 was put to the test:

  • Customer: A vehicle automation company was running a SQL query that was taking hours to complete
  • Solution: The vehicle automation company saw their long-running SQL query go from being measured in hours to minutes
  • Customer: A financial transaction company focused on POS solutions was having incredibly low performance with database queries
  • Solution: The financial transaction company saw their POS solutions have a 40% increase in performance with their database queries
  • Customer:  A multi-media company with an extensive content catalogue saw lengthy data ingest processing intervals from content providers.
  • Solution:  After moving to VIOLIN, the data ingest process ran 15% faster than with a more conventional hybrid SAN.


  • High-performing access to data
  • Increased multi-domain client efficiencies
  • Improved database performance
  • Enhanced end-user experience
  • Eliminate the bottleneck caused by Spinning Drives with NVMe

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