Intel® oneAPI Tools Simplify Multi-Platform Development

Intel® knows success is often dependent on a developer’s ability to work with multiple language and different software tools for things to “just work.” It is not a new problem, complaint, or challenge.

However, a viable solution remains new. It’s the oneAPI initiative, including the agnostic language (Data Parallel C++) and Intel® oneAPI tools which, together, deliver the goods that simplify and streamline the process.

Watch this free webinar recording where Tech.Decoded’s Henry Gabb and Senior Principal Engineer Paul Petersen discuss how oneAPI delivers specific benefits to developers, including:

  • oneAPI analysis tools that give deep insight into hardware utilization, system-wide performance, and memory.
  • Modeling what code can be best offloaded to other accelerators … and optimizing its performance using awesome goodies available in Intel® Advisor.
  • Insight on opportunities of using single-source code so developers spend their time on performance and value—optimizing code, designing algorithms, and analyzing systems and modeling parameters—and less on overhead.
  • The future … where technologies don’t just find code problems, but also fix them.

Get started with oneAPI

  • Download the Intel® oneAPI Base Toolkit—the essential set of 15 software development tools and libraries optimized for diverse workloads and architectures, including those showcased in this webinar.
  • Develop in the Cloud—Sign up for an Intel® DevCloud account, development sandbox with access to the latest Intel® hardware and oneAPI software.
  • Learn DPC++ Essentials with this self-guided, module-based training course within the Intel DevCloud.

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