If Your Customers Use Microsoft Teams Then You Must Read This!

Streamline Collaboration and Support with TeamViewer for Microsoft Teams

For many of your customers, Microsoft Teams has probably become the de facto collaboration tool. It combines chat, voice, video, and screen sharing into one tool!

The TeamViewer integration with Microsoft Teams brings your customers world-class remote control and support to collaboration workflows with just a few clicks.

Instantly add Remote Device Control and AR-Based Remote Support Capabilities to Microsoft Teams

To overcome the challenges of different communication needs, tool preferences, and geographical distance, your customers turn to Microsoft Teams for a powerful all-in-one collaboration and communication solution.

The TeamViewer integration with Microsoft Teams extends the platform with remote device control and augmented reality-based remote support capabilities. Product developers or technical support representatives can now leverage instant remote access to devices, live screen sharing, and augmented reality-based visual support. With virtual object tagging, they show team members, customers, or partners how to troubleshoot and resolve any problem quickly and efficiently.

Benefits of the TeamViewer for Microsoft Teams Solution

  • Enable AR-Based Remote Support: Your customers can connect remotely from within Microsoft Teams and use the “see-what-they-see” mode to guide front-line workers or on-site engineers with on-screen virtual pointers for faster issue resolution.
  • Share Remote Access to Devices and Dev Environments: Your customers can instantly share remote access to the devices and environments needed to develop, test, or demo products directly from the Microsoft Teams hub.
  • Track TeamViewer Sessions in One Dashboard: Available as a personal tab in Microsoft Teams, your customers can view the TeamViewer dashboard for an overview of all support session invites, plus active and past connection.
  • Request TeamViewer Connections via Chatbot: Your customers can use the Microsoft Teams’ chatbot to initiate connection requests by typing @teamviewerin the command bar or chat message box for an intuitive support workflow.
  • Get Cross-Platform Remote Support: Your customers gain access to cross-platform remote access and remote control to support devices across Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS.

How the Integration Works

  • Contact us to customize your TeamViewer license based on your customers’ needs (Corporate or Tensor license and Pilot subscription required.)
  • Download the TeamViewer integration app from the Microsoft Marketplace here.
  • Log in with the licensed TeamViewer account and your customers are good to go!

Looking for more information on how to install and activate the integration? Click here.

As Teams becomes even more critical to how your customers get things done, remotely or otherwise, TeamViewer can help bring remote control capabilities to the platform that can increase productivity, improve support accuracy, and enhance team collaboration.

If you’d like to learn more about TeamViewer for Microsoft Teams, and get started with your free trial, please reach out to your Climb rep here.

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