Tintri Offers Affordable Intelligent Infrastructure Solutions with their Tintri Cares Program

Tintri, provider of Intelligent Infrastructure for enterprises, today announced its Tintri Cares Program, developed to help new and existing customers grappling with global economic challenges brought on by COVID-19.

Tintri Cares Program Purpose and Target Audience

The mission of the Tintri Cares program is to offer an Intelligent Infrastructure solution at an affordable price-point, with lenient financing options that help enable your most vulnerable customers to continue operations. This program was developed to help new and existing customers grappling with global economic challenges brought on by COVID-19.

This includes:
• State and local governments
• Higher educational institutions
• Not-for-profit organizations
• Entities facing challenging financial constraints

Tintri Care Packages

There are three Tintri Care Packages available, configured to meet your customer’s workload and organizational requirements based on economics, scalability and performance.

  • Tintri Economy Care Packages: Ideal for organizations seeking cost-optimized storage solutions for workloads that require solid performance and are likely to experience steady growth.
    • IntelliFlash Economy Package: The IntelliFlash T4200 is an entry-level hybrid flash system that accommodates both SSD and HDD media in the same system for balanced performance and cost-efficiency.
    • VMstore Economy Package: The VMstore EC6000 is an all-flash platform that uniquely optimizes virtualized environments with auto-balanced scalability and performance and cost-effective drive-level expansion..
  • Tintri Scalability Care Packages: Ideal for organizations seeking solid performance and storage capacity to support workloads that are expected to experience potentially accelerated data growth.
    • IntelliFlash Scalability Package: The IntelliFlash T4700 is a midrange all-flash system that offers expansion shelves to deliver excellent scalability. This package comes with one expansion shelf.
    • VMstore Scalability Package: The VMstore EC6055 is a powerful all-flash midrange system which provides all of the EC6000 platform advantages.
  • Tintri Performance Care Package: Ideal for organizations seeking storage performance for critical application workloads that require high throughput and low latency.
    • IntelliFlash Performance Package: The IntelliFlash HD2040 is a high-density all-flash system that offers outstanding performance as well as excellent dense flash capacity.
    • VMstore Performance Package: The VMstore EC6075 all-flash system provides all the benefits of the EC6055, with double the capacity and a significant step up in performance to accommodate thousands of additional virtual machines.

For more information about the Tintri Cares Program, please reach out to our Tintri team.

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