Imperva Partner Pre-Sales Enablement Series

Learn more about the first end-to-end data security platform and the opportunities it creates for partners to grow your data security business.

With our recent acquisition of jSonar, the leader in modern database security, our data security platform now enables security teams to expeditiously support both the scale and complexity of data assets across diverse environments. The acquisition will pioneer a bold new approach to securing data through all paths. These include on-premises, cloud, multi-cloud and Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS), delivering an integrated approach across data and applications.

Session Agenda:

  • High Level Overview of the solution – Target audience Sales and Pre-Sales
  • How it integrates with Imperva legacy solution and the benefits – Target audience Sales and Pre-Sales
  • Architecture overview – Target audience Pre-Sales
  • Demo of the solution – Target audience Sales and Pre-Sales

Join this webinar on October 27th to hear about the exciting news!

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