Climb Partners with TechGuard!

Climb Announces Partnership with TechGuard

Climb Channel Solutions is happy to announce our partnership with a new vendor, TechGuard Security. TechGuard has been providing cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions to both the government and corporate clients for over twenty years. TechGuard’s proactive approach addresses the current challenges of cybersecurity and privacy, specifically the problems of information management, network vulnerabilities, firewall integrity and network security concerns created by e-commerce initiatives, global internet connections, and cyber-terrorism. As opposed to security remaining a game of catch-up, their approach helps clients stay one step ahead of hackers and the growing number of network threats.

Resellers who buy through Climb CS now have the ability to offer TechGuard’s comprehensive suite of industry-leading countermeasures to assist people when they need you the most. Their proactive solutions can help prevent exploitation for your customers through Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Assessments, and IT Security Controls Assessments.

Reach out to your Climb rep to get your TechGuard services today!

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