SolarWinds Webcast On-Demand: Help Your Customers Do More With Less

The pandemic has given organizations reason to rethink how they do things. Can we simplify, can we reduce cost, can we shift resources to more business-impacting initiatives?
Whether your customer’s goal is to optimize or reduce infrastructure costs, simplify and improve IT operations costs with an integrated monitoring solution, or use automation to free up expensive resources for more meaningful work, SolarWinds can help.

Watch our webcast on-demand to learn how SolarWinds cost optimization solutions can help your customer’s IT operations staff do more with less. We’ll cover:

  • How to protect your customer from over-spending on cloud infrastructure
  • By what means your customer can get visibility to optimize and easily plan capacity for on-premises shared infrastructure
  • How to identify common opportunities for monitoring tool consolidation/rationalization
  • Where to recommend automation to shift work to more business-impactful projects

We’ll also provide you with assets to help you educate your customers on SolarWinds cost optimization capabilities and benefits other customers have received.

Be sure to download multiple assets from the link below. They can be found on the left-hand panel under the webcast recording.


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