12 Days of Giving – Winners!

Thank you for participating in Climb’s 12 Days of Giving!


We hope you find our blog to be filled with relevant vendor updates and information along with exciting Climb news, to best help you grow your business! If you have any feedback on what you’d like to see included in the future, feel free to reach out to vpm@climbcs.com.

Now for the fun part! Here is where you will find the 12 Days of Giving winners.

                     Day 1: December 8th 2020 – Wade T.                          

Day 2: December 9th 2020 – Michelle McKown

Day 3: December 10th 2020 – Sean L.

Day 4: December 11th 2020 – Diana Spence

Day 5: December 14th 2020 – Tom Quille

Day 6: December 15th 2020 – Gene Zaydes

Day 7: December 16th 2020 –Ruby Lewis

Day 8: December 17th 2020 – Ken Kang

Day 9: December 18th 2020 – Sal Alhakkak

Day 10: December 21st 2020 – Keenan Baker

Day 11: December 22nd 2020 – Brad Cromeans

Day 12: December 23rd 2020 – Laura Cruise

Congratulations to our 12 Days of Giving Scavenger Hunt Winner: Teri McMullen

Thank you to all 12 Days of Giving participants who have subscribed, we look forward to blogging for you!

*Distributors, Manufacturers and End-users do not qualify.

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