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Year over year, we see cybercriminals continue to innovate, finding creative ways to compromise you and exploit your customers. Ransomware attacks are crushing businesses across the world, costing on average over USD 700,000! This month Sophos is highlighting a few resources to help you and your customers combat this growing threat: Ransomware resource page, Sophos Rapid Response, and the Sophos XG Academy. Thank you for your partnership, and stay secure!

Sophos Stops Ransomware.
Ransomware is getting more destructive, more expensive, and more grim. A full-scale attack can set the average business back by nearly $755K (USD). Help your customers fight this hacker favorite with the advanced protection needed to secure the cyberattack chain.

451 Research Impact Report: Sophos Rapid Response service
Global research and advisory firm 451 Research has published a comprehensive evaluation of Sophos Rapid Response, Sophos cyber incident emergency response service. Read the report to learn how Sophos Rapid Response service can support your MSP.

MTR Essentials EAP
MTR Essentials is designed for organizations that want 24/7 monitoring and investigations by Sophos MTR experts, but are unable to replace their current non-Sophos endpoint or server protection.

Sophos XG Firewall Academy 2021
Learn how XG Firewall provides all-in-one protection, exposing hidden risks, stopping unknown threats, and isolating infected systems — even for remote workers. Open to partners and endusers, Sophos has 9 new webinars which expose the latest cutting-edge product innovations to help effectively leverage XG Firewall features. Plus, they’ll discuss the future of XG with their soon-to-be-released v19. Register now!

For more information on all the great things going on at Sophos, reach out to Climb and connect with our Sophos Brand Sales Specialist, Alex Zapora!  

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