Prisma SD-WAN: The New Face of CloudGenix

Since Palo Alto Networks acquired CloudGenix approximately 10 months ago, they have been relentlessly executing on their strategy to introduce the industry’s most comprehensive secure access service edge (SASE) solution to the market.

When CloudGenix first started, their name was chosen to reflect the “Cloud Generation” of IT that needed a fundamentally different solution compared to the legacy packet-routing approaches of other vendors. At Palo Alto Networks, their brand name “Prisma” captures the industry’s transitions best as the brand represents the journey toward the cloud. As a result, CloudGenix SD-WAN is being renamed to Prisma SD-WAN. Prisma SD-WAN delivers the industry’s first next-gen SD-WAN with the following characteristics:

The vision for Prisma SD-WAN and SASE is to deliver secure, autonomous infrastructure by integrating Autonomous Digital Experience Management with their SASE solution. Palo Alto Networks’ SASE solution heralds a new era of autonomous infrastructure and security and we couldn’t be more excited about this rebranding!

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