15 Remarkable Reasons to Use GFI LanGuard!

Keep your network and applications safe from vulnerabilities with GFI LanGuard. Take a look at these 15 amazing reasons to use GFI LanGuard!

  1. Patch Management Across Multiple Operating Systems
    • GFI LanGuard is compatible with many operating systems as well as third-party applications. Auto-download missing patches or roll-back patches.
  2. Patch Management for Multiple Third-Party Apps
    • GFI LanGuard offers support for applications like Apple QuickTime, Adobe, Adobe Flash, Mozilla Firefox, Java and more.
  3. Patch Management for Multiple Web Browsers
    • The first solution that automates patching for all major web browsers running on Windows systems.
  4. Detect Vulnerabilities Before Hackers Do
    • It scans devices, identifies and categorizes security vulnerabilities, recommends a course of action and gives you the tools to solve the problem.
  5. Web-Based Reporting
  6. Track Latest Vulnerabilities and Missing Updates
    • The auto-update system keeps it continuously up-to-date with newly released Microsoft security updates and vulnerability checks
  7. Integrates with Third-Party Security Apps
    • Integrates with more than 4,000 critical security applications
  8. Check Vulnerabilities on Networked Devices
  9. Know What’s Happening on Your Network
    • GFI LanGuard’s network auditing gives you a comprehensive view of your network
  10. Security Audits
  11. Work in Virtual Environments
    • GFI LanGuard supports and runs on the most common virtualization technologies in use
  12. Comply with PCI DSS Regulations
  13. Manage Reporting
  14. Run Agent-Less or Agent-Based Modes
  15. Get All Your Security.. and More.. for One Low Subscription Price
    • GFI LanGuard is one of the key capabilities of GFI Unlimited. GFI Unlimited provides one flat per unit cost for unlimited software installations. Spend less time on licensing contracts and more time focused on making money

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