Aryaka and Wasabi Deliver Performance Boost for Cloud Storage

Enterprises are moving more data and workloads to the cloud. For many companies, migrating their data to the cloud is a necessity, but with Wasabi it’s also an opportunity. Wasabi is the cloud storage company delivering disruptive storage technology at substantially lower price points than Amazon S3. It charges no fees for egress or API requests, and combined with Aryaka Core Layer 2 Network, is a lot faster.

Networking Challenges

Network contention and Slow Upload Speeds

With cloud storage, the disks are no longer in he same local area network as the servers and workloads. Cloud storage use cases typically deal with storing huge amounts of data (TB or more) over a wide area network to the cloud storage provider. While cloud storage offers a cheaper alternative, the time taken to transfer the data becomes the problem.

Bandwidth Challenges

An enterprise may be headquartered in a location with poor bandwidth and struggles with reasonably expected performance. Manufacturing, agriculture, hospitality, healthcare and many types of organizations often find their headquarters lacking in internet service providers. There is little or no competition, which causes little incentive for these providers to offer more than the bare minimum.

Solution: Simplifying Cloud Storage Connectivity with Aryaka Global Points-of-Presence

Aryaka’ s global meshed L2 network with over 40 points-of-presence is the benchmark for global connectivity, performance and availability. The PoP’s can service up to 95% of the world’s knowledge workers under 30 msecs of latency. With up to 99.999% availability and Day-1 SLA’s, Wasabi customers are a short hop away from Aryaka.

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