Differentiate Between Cybersecurity and Cyber Resilience

It is crucial that organizations comprehend the possibility of a breach through the lenses of anticipating to it, withstanding -if it happens-, recovering from it and, more importantly, evolving to the next stage, enhancing the response capabilities, and becoming a more resilient company.

Micro Focus saw some months ago the shift in perception, the need for a change in how we approach the discipline of Cybersecurity, especially in these troubled, difficult, exceptional times. Micro Focus has defined a unified and simplified approach for Cyber Resiliency that is built on decades of experience and which is focused on those four dimensions.

The Micro Focus  vision and mission is driven through Identity & Access ManagementData SecuritySecurity Operations and Application Security… and fulfills their purpose and promise, which is making their customers more secure… more resilient.

It’s time for organizations to strengthen their cyber resilience and learn how to intelligently adapt their security. Find out how Micro Focus is differentiating between Cybersecurity and Cyber Resiliency.

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