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Integrating an Alternative to OEM Maintenance (AOM) with Procurement and Asset Management

Creating the Complete Product Solution for the MSP – TPM Elevated!

Maintenance makes the margin in MSP product sales. The margin you make from maintenance contracts sold with new equipment is usually many times larger than the product margin itself, and it’s MRR! Monthly recurring revenue that just keeps paying you and paying you. That’s why you should be selling maintenance agreements enhancing and extending the original equipment manufacturer’s (OEM) warranty on every system you sell.

But quoting and proposing warranty enhancement and extension remains a long, painful process of look-up products to be covered and calculating a price. And making sure everything is covered in the maintenance agreement is usually done manually, which is often difficult and error-prone.


The next big margin sale awaiting you is the contract renewal for next year. By then the OEM warranty has expired so you’ll want to price an agreement to extend coverage for another year or more.

Depending on who the OEM is, you will likely find them competing with you for that renewal. Or they may offer to partner with you to sell their warranty extension, offering an often unimpressive margin for your effort.

If you’re like many MSPs, you may have eliminated hardware repair (break/fix) services from your offerings leaving you with what seems to be only that OEM service offering to sell to your customer. Here’s the good news!

The Alternative You’ve Been Waiting For

CLIMB LS has been in the channel for over a quarter-century and have felt your pain. We have developed a program that simply turns that extended maintenance revenue to you without you having to lift a finger, or spend a cent!

Our solution is the “Alternative to OEM Maintenance” (AOM). It’s flexible, adaptable, and usually 80% less expensive than OEM warranty extensions.

Flexible – You determine how you want your customers to obtain service. From you? From an easily-accessed portal and top-flight help desk? We cut and track the tickets on our portal, or you can cut them yourself if you prefer, also using our portal which is free-of-charge for your use!

Adaptable – Include comprehensive support to suit every customer’s unique needs. Hardware repair, hot spares, software support, remote assistance, upgrades and updates, and more.

QuickQuote! – Our exclusive QuickQuote process begins with us. As you procure equipment from us for your customer, we also send full product information into your system account. When you want to quote enhancements to the warranty, such as four-hour response, 24/7/365 coverage and more, and extend that warranty at renewal time you simply use the QuickQuote portal to instantly obtain all the information you need to price your contract.

Include special features in your QuickQuote, including first call handling by AOM, then include it in your proposal right up front to increase your incremental revenue.

Become Downright Cloud-Like!

The magic of cloud computing that has made it the meteoric success it is? Higher service levels at lower cost. Just that simple. Cloud services are more efficient, offering higher service levels. At the same time, they eliminate CapEx and drastically reduce OpEx.

So does AOM Service! Much higher service levels. Much lower cost.

Why Not White-Label?

AOM makes it easy for you to white-label our service program as your own. Promote your brand, expanding your customer’s perception of your breadth of service!!

Who Delivers the Actual Service?

AOM has assembled an extraordinary global network of top-quality authorized Third-Party Maintenance professionals ready to service your customers. You or your customer simply enter a service request into the easy-to-use AOM portal and we manage the entire service delivery process, keeping you and your customer completely updated on our progress every step of the way.

Enabling Your Hybrid Maintenance Approach

You know you can’t “be all things to all people” and you certainly can’t be everywhere. Still, you want to provide that personal touch to customers in your geographic market area. Easy with AOM!!

Use our AOM network everywhere else but have all local service requirements in your own geography assigned directly to you in the AOM portal. We’ll take first call on your behalf and forward it directly to your service delivery team, tracking it every step of the way just as we would with any AOM network provider located elsewhere.

With the AOM network behind you, you can offer just about any service your customers may need just about anywhere your customer may be located!

No Poaching – Guaranteed in Writing

By written and signed contract, AOM maintenance providers will never sell anything directly to your customer. No products. No services. They will always refer and report back to you, recommending what your customer needs you to sell to them.

Asset Management at No Charge

Since it receives full product information on every item you procure for your customers, AOM is an ideal asset management system you can use to offer complete asset management services to your customers. You have complete access to this capability at no extra charge. Create zero-cost-based asset management services to add to your customer MRR sales!

Avoid Losing Out to OEMs and TPMs

OEMs traditionally compete against you, servicing customer equipment themselves leaving you no opportunity. Third-party maintainers (TPM) will compete against you directly and often use resources that compete against you as well. With AOM you get there first, so you get the business, you get the revenue, you get increased margin, and you earn the customer’s satisfaction.

People Beyond the Portal

While the AOM portal presents all the powerful features, the AOM team people stand ready to help in any way you need to make sure you get your maintenance price quotes quickly, win the business, and provide your customers with the best ongoing maintenance and support services available.

AOM Core Functionality at a Glance

  • IT Equipment Maintenance (Break/Fix)
  • Automated Instant Maintenance Cost Quotations
  • *Contract Management
  • *Asset Management
  • *Complete Service Ticketing System
  • *Product Lifecycle Analytics
  • *Remote Monitoring & Management

*Included free-of-charge!

Everything you need to extract every ounce of opportunity from every procurement project. Gartner estimates that there are currently over 10 million data center assets under TPM support. Now provide your customers with a better alternative that benefits YOU!

What Makes AOM Your Best Maintenance & Most Profitable Services Partner?

  • You quote warranty enhancement and extension right with the purchase, when its easiest to sell!
  • You don’t go hunting for model number, serial number, SKU, or anything else. That is all provided direct from your distributor.
  • You don’t calculate anything. The agreement prices are generated for you automatically.
  • You get free asset management capability.
  • You get free service ticketing plus monitoring and management capability.
  • You get free product lifecycle analytics to help you get in front of renewal and upgrade opportunities.
  • You get a complete, professional, experienced, expert team to back up your high-margin service sales.
  • You enjoy the benefit of working with a team that offers a quarter-century of experience serving the IT channel.

To learn more from one of our Sales Ninjas please contact the Climb LS team. sales@climbls.com

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