Climbing Club is Here. Are You a Member Yet?

Selling is even more exciting when you’re amongst friends. Invite your colleagues to be a part of our exclusive club!

Climbing Club is an exclusive group of valued reseller partners that we reward for their efforts in working with Climb!

How to Join the Club

Complete vendor certifications, attend Climb’s technology showcases, engage on social media, opt-in to email communications, and more to elevate your status in Climbing Club. As a Rookie, you’ll start from the bottom and work your way up:
  • Opt-In to our emails to receive exclusive content and events as they become available.
  • Follow us on LinkedIn and subscribe to our blog for the latest news on Climb and our vendors.
  • Invite your colleagues to join in on the fun.

What You Can Earn

Each activity completed earns you points, swag and featured Climb badges. The more you earn, the more you can win!

  • A vendor swag pack, for passing vendors sales and technical certification
  • The reseller with the most activity per quarter can win our grand prize
  • Virtual badges to be displayed on your LinkedIn profile

Ready to Test Your Knowledge?

We have certifications for you, to help reach your minimum requirements for partner levels.

  • Acronis – All-in-one Cyber Protection
  • Bitdefender – The #1 Unified Security and Risk Analytics Platform
  • Datadobi – Migrate and Protect unstructured data anywhere.
  • Imperva – Multi-cloud platform to protect the edge, apps and databases.
  • Tintri – Intelligent Infrastructure that enables organizations to reduce storage management costs.
  • Unitrends – All-in-One Backup and Recovery. Protect Anything, Anywhere.
  • Wasabi – Cloud-based Object Storage Service

Get Certified!

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