Increase Your Credibility and Profitability with Micro Focus

Help your customers improve their IT Service Desk and understand risk by giving them the option to get rid of passwords- for good!

Join Micro Focus and Climb the end of June in two separate sessions where we will discuss Access Management Products and SMAX for IT Service Management/Enterprise Service Management for the Hybrid Enterprise. We will be raffling off a $100 Amazon gift card each session!  Attend one or both!  We’ll see you there.

Session 1: Tuesday, June 22nd at 2pm EST

Join us and learn how using Micro Focus Access Management products (On Prem and SaaS), you can help your customers:

  • Provide a password-less experience to end users, using existing authentication methods available to them
  • Improve security by removing a major attack factor
  • Reduce password maintenance and recovery costs
  • Add Security by increasing the complexity of login methods, or barring access, based on risk

Session 2: Thursday, June 24th at 2pm EST

Whether your customer wants needs to improve their IT Service Desk or their Enterprise Service Desk, you can help them increase employee and IT productivity by creating and fulfilling services, and resolving issues faster with embedded machine learning and automation.

Learn how you can help:

  • Decrease cost of ITSM – whether on-prem or in the cloud – and drive down TCO.
  • Satisfy employees and let them get back to work easily and faster with a consumer-like service experience they expect.
  • Deliver automated services with rapid and measurable outcomes that result in a superior user experience and accelerate continual business process improvement.
  • Get a grip on assets throughout their lifecycle at no additional cost – ensure IT investment optimization and compliance.
  • Run enterprise service management.   Leverage proven ITSM principles and capabilities in HR, facilities, finance, and other business functions to improve their performance, service and outcomes.

Both sessions will cover how Climb increases your profitability in your Micro Focus partnership.


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