Sophos XGS Series Next-Gen Firewall Appliance

Sophos recently released the XGS Series next-gen firewall appliances. Why is it better than ever?  See below and reach out to Climb to learn more!

Sophos XGS firewall stops the latest hacks and attacks before they get onto networks and makes threat protection achievable for organizations of all sizes. It offers a better integrated security ecosystem with Sophos Central, synchronized security, and MTR. No other vendor offers their level of cross product integration.

Their new models include a new dual-processor architecture with dedicated Xstream Flow Processors that enable new levels of protection and performance. The increase in performance varies by model and test but you’re likely to see at least a 2X performance increase over v18 running on XG Series hardware and numbers to meet or beat our key competitors on the all-important Price per Protected Mbps. The additional performance headroom allows customers to turn on essential protection, such as TLS Inspection, with the confidence that they’re removing a huge blind spot in their network visibility – which hackers are increasingly exploiting – whilst maintaining their network performance.

Read more about the latest on XGS Series: Availability Update for High-End Models.

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