PRTG Partners to Provide Full Network Monitoring Solution

Enrich your customer’s PRTG experience with UVexplorer. UVexplorer integrates with PRTG and delivers powerful network discovery, detailed device inventory, and automatic network maps. With PRTG and UVexplorer, your customers will have access to:

  • DEVICE MONITORING AND ALERTING — Monitor KPIs for your customers’ devices and receive alerting via Email, SMS, push notifications, and more when thresholds are exceeded.
  • CUSTOMIZED DEVICE TREE LAYOUT — Organize devices into the view your customers need. Grouping and cloning objects allows for the unfettered ability to display the network how they see fit.
  • API AND CUSTOM SENSORS — PRTG has a robust library of pre-configured sensors. They also have user-submitted scripts and sensors from their very active community. Between these and the ability for your customers to code their own sensors, the list of devices PRTG can monitor gets bigger every day.
  • CUSTOM MAPS AND DASHBOARDS — With PRTG, your customers can present their data how they want to see it. The layer 2 mapping that UVexplorer provides and the custom elements that PRTG monitors create a combo that gives them all the data they need to fully understand their network.
  • INTEGRATION WITH OTHER PLATFORMS — With Paessler’s API and ability to notify via HTML or custom scripts, PRTG can integrate with almost any external system. Whether it’s ticketing, incident tracking, or logging, PRTG plays well with others.

Your customers need to monitor everything that is going on in their networks. They can also benefit from automatically generated maps and individual dashboards to visualize certain aspects of their IT infrastructure. Contact us at Climb to learn more about this integrated solution!

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