Receive Acronis Cyber Cloud FREE for 3 Months!

Receive Acronis Cyber Cloud FREE for 3 Months!

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud – 1TB free for 90 days for any new Service Provider partners (Including any partner that might have an active account with Acronis Cyber Cloud but no current usage.)

Business Objective – Drive frictionless new service provider partners via automated marketplaces without cannibalizing committed tier contracts.

  1. This promotion grants Acronis Cyber Cloud FREE for three months for up to 1TB of usage for new paygo service providers if the partner signs up as an Acronis service provider with Cloud Distributor before December 31, 2021.
    1. If a new partner signs up on December 31st they are still eligible for the promotion for 3 months.
  2. The service provider will have to pay for any consumption above 1TB.
    1. Recommended Implementation (not required but strongly recommended) – Set a 1TB quota on the service provider tenant and then leverage notifications to message sales and sales engineering to schedule an enablement call and assist with further driving consumption and/or a committed tier contract.
  3.  The Cloud Distributor will only begin billing partners for total consumption after the first three months of Acronis Cyber Cloud usage. However Cloud Distributor will bill for any consumption above 1TB during the three months promotion period.
  4. The storage included in the Acronis Cyber Protect SKUs counts towards the 1TB cap.
  5.  When different price points apply to the storage, the storage with the lower price will be counted towards the 1TB usage cap.

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