Changing the Game — Manchester United Partners with TeamViewer, Scoring an All-Around Remote Support Provider

In 2021, one of the world’s most popular and iconic sports teams, Manchester United built a fully integrated partnership with TeamViewer to enhance operations and fan experiences from the pitch to the TV screen. 

Manchester United needed remote access and remote support capabilities for a range of functions across the club to help enhance both back-end operations and the fan experience to address the on going challenges of maintaining 24/7 broadcasting across MUTV’s three global channels and mitigating downtime with an unmanned support desk at night. As well as keeping up with the demand and competition for real time content, and managing business processes during restrictions imposed by the global pandemic.

Through the integration of TeamViewer solutions into the club’s everyday processes, the club had significant cost and savings after replacing on site support with TeamViewer’s remote support for international project which lead to saving around 5 hours per week while increasing work efficiency by approximately 30 percent.

The implementation of TeamViewer’s solutions also enhanced fan experiences through real time content by reducing the time it takes to upload match photos using TeamViewer remote access functions and making sure that on pitch photographers never miss a play or moment of action.

TeamViewer remote support also enabled MUTC to mitigate downtime and address issues at record speeds. TeamViewer acts as a critical resource for the IT support Team during the unmanned hours in the control room in order to ensure a 24/7 streaming experience without compromising broadcast quality.

Through this partnership TeamViewer is showcasing the unique capabilities of its technology to transform the way the world works and interacts- putting digitalization in action, which brought the Manchester United fans even close to the team they love!

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