Wasabi : Zero Trust and Immutable Cloud Storage

The Circle of Trust is Gone

At one point in time, in a data center not that far away, users could log in via a VPN and have access to all of the applications and data inside the corporate network. Life was easy. Then, one miserable day, a group of malicious hackers broke into the corporate network via malware, compromised the network, stole data, and deleted the local backups. To make matters worse, they installed ransomware that encrypted the on-premises applications and data, bringing the targeted company to their knees until the ransom was paid. Life was not so easy anymore…

The circle of [IT systems] trust has been shattered forever… Just because your customer can access the corporate network doesn’t mean your customer should have access to any or all of the corporate resources – applications, databases, systems or data.

This is where Wasabi immutable cloud storage is the air-gapped failsafe that protects your application and data backups from bad actors and ransomware. It protects you from accidental PEBKAC* moments as well as disgruntled employees/contractors. Immutable storage cannot be deleted, modified, or re-encrypted (it is already encrypted when it is stored in the Wasabi system) without Root access to your account. As long as you are using good procedures for managing access to your Root account, including Zero-Trust standbys like single sign-on, multi-factor authentication, and application-specific IAM users with the least privilege, the Root account is safe as is your account and data.

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