TeamViewer is Digitalizing the Desk-less Workforce: Airbus Helicopters, Inc Case Study

To increase worker efficiency and to simplify the documentation process without sacrificing quality or safety, Airbus Helicopters Inc. made the decision to work with TeamViewer.

By integrating TeamViewer solutions and smart glasses into the assembly process, Airbus Helicopters has shortened the gearbox inspection time by 40%. The whole work process was streamlined through system integration, and a documentation process that works intuitively, user friendly and paperless.

TeamViewer was also able to work seamlessly with their SAP system integrating while remaining highly secure. In addition, the SAP integration meant:

  • 100% data reliability, through the digitized data there can be no manual input errors
  • 40% faster gearbox inspection
  • 100% paperless
  • Zero manual input errors

To learn more about the initial situation and challenges, as well as TeamViewer’s frontline solution click here!

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