Improve Infrastructure Utilization with Liqid’s Composable Infrastructure

Data volume and associated needs are currently evolving, which leaves siloed converged and hyperconverged architectures equipment sitting idle. And with the drive toward artificial intelligence as either the primary function or a compelling feature of today’s most valuable business applications, better hardware utilization and software license utilization is more important to data center costs than ever.

Liqid Command Center software allows these resources to to be directed to whatever application requires them. Whether it be an up and down rack via PCIe, or across distance via Infiniband or Ethernet.

One of the most compelling benefits of Liqid’s composable infrastructure solutions is the ability of our Command Center software to better utilize data center resources, including software licenses, to improve overall data center TCO.

Liqid composable infrastructure enables the decoupling of CPUs to software licenses. By enabling the creation of software-defined servers on-demand through software, businesses don’t have to scale resources by adding more CPUs, and thus more licenses, further improving TCO.

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