Compute Cloud Independence by Wasabi and Vultr

Compute Cloud Independence by Wasabi and Vultr

Wasabi and Vultr Partnership Frees You from Compute Egress Fees

In today’s world, hybrid/ multi- cloud strategies are gaining momentum, there is a growing need to reduce or eliminate the cost of data transfer between the compute instance and connected object storage to compete with hyperscalers and their vertically integrated mega clouds.

Because of the evolving industry, Wasabi and VULTR have partnered together to enable companies to spend less on compute and storage, so they can spend more on innovation and discovery for the benefits of their current and future customers!

This partnership allows IT operations teams and developers to reduce their cloud expenses, by eliminating the charges for object storage egress and API requests. This combination of logically and economically seamless integration between the two companies, gives their mutual customers the freedom to leverage the cloud the way it was meant to be used.

Learn more about the partnership here!

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