Rethink Backup with N-Able

41% of cyberattack victims are SMBs.  27% of malware incidents reported in 2020 can be attributed to ransomware. You NEED full recovery.

Rethink backup.  You don’t need image-level backup.  You need full system recovery. Image based backups are far from ideal.

Backup plays a critical role in recovery, and missteps during an incident response can be costly. Join N-Able on World Backup Day, March 31, to learn what steps you should take on day zero of a ransomware incident. (Spoiler alert: Instant recovery isn’t anywhere near the top of the list.)

World Backup Day: Cyber-response missteps that could cost you.
March 31, 2022

Join N-Able To Learn More!

In honor of World Backup Day, say goodbye to image-based backup and hello to cloud-first, efficient data protection. Download the infographic to see why it’s time to rethink backup, with N-able Backup.

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