World Backup Day is here – Are you ready for it?

In honor of World Backup Day on March 31st, we have joined together with our top Backup and Recovery vendors, to remind our reseller partners to help your customers backup their important files.

Climb World Backup Day is HereWould your customers’ business survive if they lost everything?

Data Management today goes beyond Disaster Recovery or Business Continuity planning. From SMBs to Enterprises, protection for all key systems is critical to the long-term success of your customers’ business because disasters come in a variety of sizes.

Doing business in an era when data collection is at an all-time high means breaches do happen, and ransomware attacks can be both extensive and costly. We’ve partnered with our top Backup and Recovery vendors to provide the best solutions to your customers’ backup solutions needs. Keep reading to learn more about how you can protect your customers’ data now and in the future!

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud

Acronis has been providing backup services for 20+ years to a wide range of clients from small business to the enterprise level. In addition to making sure your data is backed up, the solution also proactively defends you from ransomware so that your backups will not get encrypted or corrupted.

Acronis has prebuilt integration with dozens of popular PSA and RMM tools. Beyond their award-winning backup solution, Acronis has a full suite of security options to keep your customers and data safe and secure.

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Happy World Backup Day from Arcserve!

Arcserve is an industry leading backup and disaster recovery vendor with over 35+ years’ experience. With partnerships with Sophos and Nutanix, Arcserve allows you to manage your data and security workloads under a single pane of glass.

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It’s our Business to Protect your Data

A failure to plan is a plan to fail, so on this World Backup Day, let Macrium lock in your data security plans. With lightning fast imaging, Rapid Delta Cloning and Restore, ransomware protection, and so much more, Macrium’s proactive solutions give you true peace of mind in a reactive world. When it comes to your customers’ valuable data, failure simply isn’t an option. Check out our page to learn more about how you can get a backup plan in place today.

Scale with your Customers’ Growth and Turn Backup Services into a Profit Driver

In honor of World Backup Day, say goodbye to image-based backup and hello to cloud-first, efficient data protection. Download the infographic to see why it’s time to rethink backup, with N-able Backup.

Get a FREE trial for N-able back up here. To learn more about N-able, consult with our Brand Sales Specialist today!


Backup with SUSE Manager

Backup your customers’ relevant files and directors with ease using SUSE Manager. This can save your customers’ time in administering backup, and can be faster to reinstall and re-synchronize in the case of failure. If you want to learn more please reach out to our SUSE Brand Sales Specialist here.

Don’t assume you can recover from ransomware – Know you can! 

Cybercriminals are rampant, and they’re winning. Make sure your customers can defend their data, get proof of recoverability and stand ready to neutralize any attack!

Every day is Backup Day – make sure your customers can truly test and restore their data, no matter where it is!  Unitrends can help you to run a BCDR Assessment with your customers and get them protected from ransomware, employee action or any other kind of disaster. Eliminate data loss and downtime from ransomware with built-in detection, immutability safeguards, and automation that allows for fast recovery after an attack.

We’d love to catch up over coffee and show you how you can start to make money with Unitrends, and keep your customers safe. Schedule a call with the Unitrends Channel team and Get a Yeti! Reach out to our Brand Sales Specialist to schedule a Discovery Call today!

Finally a Way to Make Higher Margins

In today’s digital world, losing access to data is the fastest route to failure. Data loss is not only one of the most common causes of business disruption, it’s one of the costliest. When your customers back up to Wasabi hot cloud storage, you give them an easy method of making sure all your critical information is replicated—and that it’s secure and immediately available to them if and when they need it. All at a cost that’s 80% less than AWS S3!

Combined with a comprehensive backup and recovery application, Wasabi hot cloud storage provides a secure, high-performance, airgapped, and immutable data protection option that is virtually impossible for cyber terrorists to compromise. Without having a secure backup, stored offsite and away from the impact of a breach, there is no way of protecting your data. To learn more visit our landing page here or consult with our Brand Sales Specialist today!

Now it’s time for you to promise us that you will back up your customers’ important files starting… now!

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