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With the state of the world today, cybersecurity remains top of mind for all industries. Whether you service small businesses, healthcare, government, education, or high-tech, customers are looking for solutions and reassurance that their critical IT infrastructure is secure and will remain up and running no matter what.

Sophos MTR & Rapid Response

  • MTR-A is a 24×7 threat hunting service that can be configured by you, the MSP to allow expert Sophos threat hunters to respond and collaborate with you on suspicious events across your customers? It’s a great way to sleep better at night!
  • Rapid Response is a service that you can use during an active incident if you don’t have MTR-A installed for your customers. This is a 45-day service. Have an active event, call: PHONE +1 (408)746-1064
  • Device Encryption can help you manage Windows BitLocker and Mac FileVault right from Sophos Central for a low price, and an easy add-on service for your customers!
  • Sophos Central Email Advanced now has deep integration with M365, sandboxing and moment of click URL analysis, plus much more.
  • Many other services are available at your fingertips in Sophos Central, including Server Protection, Mobile Security, Firewall/AP/Switch Management and much more!

Relevant articles with links to videos:

Intercept X: Performance and Protection Updates
Intercept X and Intercept X for Server customers will soon see significant performance and protection enhancements. This functionality rewrite includes reduced footprint, AI-first protection and more.
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Sophos News
The Ransomware Threat Intelligence Center
CryptoRom Bitcoin swindlers continue to target vulnerable iPhone and Android users
Will Russia’s war on Ukraine result in less online crime?

Extended Support for MSP Connect Flex: Windows 7, Server 2008 R2, and SBS 2011
February 16th was the last day Endpoints and Servers will receive updates without extended support. Check out this short video from Steve Weber, Global Solutions Engineer, on how you can enable extended support for MSP Flex Customers through Sophos Central.
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