Stay up to date on Software Vulnerabilities with Flexera

Keeping up with vulnerabilities disclosures that affect your environment is a constant and ongoing, challenge. Knowing that software exploits will remain a common challenge, Flexera is here to help.

Flexera’s SVM and SVR solutions will:

  • Improve time to awareness to address vulnerabilities and exploits
  • Prioritize the most critical patches
  • Allow you to stay up to date on the latest threats to the software and hardware supporting your organization

Don’t miss out on a great opportunity to learn more about key market trends shaping the software security market and the importance of not only understanding what’s at risk, but how to prioritize vulnerabilities that will have the greatest impact on your organization with the help of SVM.

We advise all resellers and customers to fill out the Registration form with their own details to access the webinar.

Please do not share the direct link to the video once you have “entered the gate”.

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