Cove Does What Others Only Pretend to Do

Cove Data Protection provides streamlined cloud-first backup, disaster recovery and archiving for physical and virtual servers, workstations and Microsoft 365 data, managed from a single web-based dashboard. Cove was designed to reduce the cost and complexity of data protection-without sacrificing speed or reliability.

Flexible Recovery Options:

  • Get multiple recovery options from a single product
  • Leverage fast file- and folder- level recovery and full system recovery with bare-metal restore or virtual disaster recovery.
  • Create a standby server via continuous recovery options
  • Recover at LAN speed via the LocalSpeedVault option if needed.
  • Test and verify backup recoverability on an automated schedule with recovery testing.

Built for the Cloud:

  • Backing up to the cloud isn’t an afterthought with Cove; it was built for that.¬† Their proprietary architecture moved 50 times less data than traditional image backup products.
  • Cove’s TrueDelta deduplication and efficient architecture make daily backups small and lightweight, allowing you to back up more often.
  • Cloud storage (including archiving) is included in the price, and can keep backup data in region with 30 data centers worldwide.
  • AES 256-bit encryption protects backup files in transit and at rest.

For more information on Cove, reach out to our N-Able Brand Sales Specialist at Climb!

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