Accedian Skylight Summit 2022 – We’re only a few days away!

Assure the FUTURE of your business NOW! We’re only a few days away!

Join Accedian’s 2022 virtual Skylight Summit, an exclusive event for Skylight 4X Partners and users. During the event, you will learn, see, and hear about the latest trends on network performance monitoring requirements and about Accedian’s newest product! PLUS, you’ll hear from technology leaders, experts, and customers as they share their insights on network and security operations.

Who are these technology leaders?! Accedian’s guest speakers include Marc Einstein, Chief Analyst at ITR Corporation, and Casey Santos, Chief Information Officer at Asurion. Don’t miss out on hearing all about preparing for the Metaverse and some customer success stories.

It’s not too late to register! Reserve your spot today by clicking here!

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