At Climb, our goal is to set partners up for success when it comes to selling Sophos MSP.

Please join us for our first session in the 2022 Sophos MSP Webinar series that will be spotlighting the MSP Connect Program. During this session we will be providing a high-level overview on how to take full advantage of the MSP Flex Dashboard, Monthly Billing & Usage Reports, Band Calculations, Account Maintenance, and an Overview of Central Capabilities.

Join our very own, Victoria Richards, and the Sophos team for a series of MSP webinars exclusive to our Climb partners.

SESSION 1: Connect with Climb – Sophos MSP — Thursday, June 2nd @ 2pm EST: Please join us for an informative session that will answer all questions surrounding the Sophos MSP Connect Program, Flex Monthly Billing, and an overview of Central Capabilities.

SESSION 2: Attract Net New Logos with Sophos MSP — Wednesday, July 13th @ 2pm EST: Please join us for a kick-start session on growing your business with Sophos MSP Connect. Free up time and resources to focus on Net New Acquisition and uncovering Go-To- Market Strategies for SMB’s & Industry Verticals.

SESSION 3: “Outsource your SOC” with Sophos MTR for MSPs — Wednesday, August 3rd @ 2pm EST: Please join us for an empowering session on how to position Sophos Managed Threat Response, Upgrade Customers with Synchronized Security, and Cross-Selling within the MSP Flex Dashboard.

SESSION 4: Sophos MSP Roundtable — Wednesday, September 7th @ 2pm EST: The goal of this session is to provide an open forum for MSP partners to discuss content from previous sessions, MTR case studies, and success stories!

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