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As organizations continue to grow and invest in third-parties, new technologies are needed to help keep them secure. EDR solutions have become common across organizations looking to proactively manage their detection and response capabilities. In a hyperconnected world where organizations face unpredictable risk, becoming resilient is the goal. This is where XDR comes in.

About XDR

XDR solutions focus on extending an EDR’s observability, detection, and response capabilities to stay ahead of the persistent threat landscape. XDR solutions are largely differentiated as Native XDR or Open XDR solutions. The size of the organization and their security team affects which solution is best. XDR tools should be considered to help organizations achieve a more comprehensive cyber resilience.

Native XDR

Native XDR solutions are considered a direct evolution of traditional EDR solutions. This means organizations can rely on a single XDR vendor to provide a number of different security intelligence sources, boosting an organization’s overall security resilience. A key benefit is that Native XDR solutions ask less of their customers. All the integrations are part of the solution itself, resulting in a solution that’s faster to deploy and requires shorter time to value.

Native XDR is best for organizations with smaller security teams. These companies can utilize the additional security intelligence sources provided by Native XDR. They can also rely on the Native XDR for set-up and integration, maximizing the solution’s effectiveness.

Open XDR

Open XDR solutions are more flexible than Native XDR solutions. They’re designed to be integrated with the security tech stack an organization already has, regardless of the vendor behind them. This can help better leverage existing vendor ecosystems which is a common challenge for larger organizations.

Open XDR is best for organizations that have larger security teams and a comprehensive security tech stack. Departments can suffer from the complications of managing multiple security tools — in these cases, an Open XDR solution provides the option of integrating security tools giving them a single platform to work from.

How Bitdefender XDR Helps Customers

Bitdefender’s GravityZone XDR enables security teams to analyze and detect intrusions from across their infrastructure, applications, and workloads with more accurate detection and rapid response. GravityZone differs from other XDR solutions as it offers better observability, best-in-class detection, single-click non-endpoint response, automated threat identification, triage, prioritization, and response.

Bitdefender’s GravityZone XDR gives companies several key benefits:

  • Faster response: Their time to respond and react is shortened, allowing them to flush out an attacker and contain the threat before too much damage is done.
  • Reduced operational burden: They centralize threat intelligence analysis, resulting in cost optimization and reduced burden on security staff.
  • Improved Context for better decision making: Automated and AI-enhanced features result in stronger root cause analysis, recommended responses, and automated actions.
  • Easy to use: No need for custom integrations, detection rule creation or third-party security tools.

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