Prevent Federal Data Loss and Cybersecurity Risks with Macrium Software

Infiltrating government data is highly treacherous and illegal. The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency defends the government against cyber threats. However, much of the U.S. government tends to have a reactive approach to data management and security. Since data supports government work, cybersecurity risks are high. This is where Macrium Software comes in!

Security is central to software design at Macrium. Their applications give you complete control over where your data is stored and will operate fully offline for the most secure, air-tight networks.

Macrium Software is skilled at image backups that assure users of full coverage when cybersecurity is at-risk. Government data should not be left up to chance. When it comes to protecting personal and federal information, choosing reputable software backup is consequential. They have solutions to fit various government needs and concerns.

Check out their blog to stay in the know about effective backups and the below topics:

-What challenges the federal government faces with cybersecurity
-How cyberattacks affect the US government
-Examples of cybersecurity violations
-What the government is taking to enforce cybersecurity
-How the federal government protects against cyberattacks


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