Learn About Retail Industry and Cybersecurity Risks with Macrium

Did you know that ransomware hit 44% of retail organizations in 2021? How about the 54% of organizations’ data that was encrypted by cybercriminals after a ransomware attack? Well these are just some examples on why cybersecurity protocols are crucial in today’s time.

Progressive technology gives cyber attackers multiple points of entry. For either online shopping or in-person, establishing basic cybersecurity protocols is a preventative defense. If a customer-focused retail approach overshadows security measures, hackers will continue to plague retail industries. This is one obstacle the retail industry encounters when balancing between security and customer satisfaction. This is where Macrium Software comes in!

Security is central to software design at Macrium. Their applications give you complete control over where your data is stored and will operate fully offline for the most secure, air-tight networks. Macrium Software is a backup and image recovery solution. Along with other malware plans and protection software, backups are valuable ways to keep data despite malicious cyber activity.

Check out their blog to stay in the know about effective backups and the below topics:

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  • Aftermath of Ransomware on the Retail Industry
  • What Are the Responses for Ransomware and Encryption in Retail?

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